How to Prepare for a Virtual Recruitment Fair – 10 tips to help you

Published on 7th February, 2018 by Andrew Wigford. Published in For Candidates / TIC News

TIC’s Virtual Recruitment Fair is fast approaching. In March, international schools from across the world will be coming together at the TIC Virtual Fair to recruit teachers for the 2018/2019 academic year.

This exciting event is free for teachers, requires no travel costs, and is a great opportunity to easily chat to top international schools from around the globe. If you haven’t registered, do so now, before it’s too late! Here are some tips to help teachers best prepare for the fair:

1. Get your CV up-to-date

Your CV or resume is the first impression a school will have of you. Before you log in to the Virtual Recruitment Fair, make sure your CV is completely up-to-date, well-structured and includes key information about your skills and abilities. For more information about how to make the most of your CV, read our blog How to Prepare your CV for overseas opportunities.

2. Plan your portfolio

Show that you are a learning-focused teacher by creating an electronic portfolio. When recruiting, Headteachers and school recruiters look for evidence of your focus on learning. Your portfolio could include displays, activities, experiences and assemblies that you have created. Being able to share this with schools at the Virtual Recruitment Fair will help you to stand out from others.

3. Once you can login

After you have completed your registration for the virtual fair, you’ll receive secure login details.  You can then upload your details and profile in preparation for the fair. Your profile can be added to or edited, at any time before or during the fair.
You can upload videos, documents and links to your social media platforms. Be selective about what you share; schools will want to see a range of different skills, practices and approaches to teaching and learning that you have delivered.

4. Think regional

Top international schools from around the globe will be attending the Virtual Recruitment Fair. To use your time wisely, it’s a good idea to think about where you would like to teach and approach schools in that region. Try to keep an open mind. If you set your heart on too specific an area, your chances will be extremely limited. If you decide on a region however, such as Europe, South East Asia, Middle East or China/Hong Kong, then you will have more opportunities to consider. Some regions of the world have more international school options than others, for example the Middle East and Eastern Asia.

5. Prepare your questions

At the Virtual Recruitment Fair, you will be able to chat directly with representatives from the international schools. Having a list of questions which you’d like to ask the schools will help you to make the most of your time. You might want to ask questions about the salary and benefits package a school offers, the school’s demographics, what life at the school is like for expat teachers, typical accommodation and life outside of school for the expat teachers, and whether the school offers any professional development opportunities.

6. Prepare for good connection

Make sure you have a good speed of internet connection and that your camera and microphone is working properly. If your internet at home is unreliable, find an alternative location, such as a library or a friend’s house. There are no technical requirements needed to enter the fair and it will work just as well on a desktop, laptop, hand held or mobile device.

7. Get ready to make notes

Be prepared on the day. Make sure you have a list of questions and your specific needs to hand. Any e-conversations will be recorded for you, but be ready to record notes from any live conversations you have with schools; once you’ve spoken with 3 or 4 different people from just as many schools, your conversations can become a blur so don’t try to simply remember them in your head.

8. It’s a two week event

Because the schools and teachers attending the Fair are located all over the world, TIC has specifically designed this Virtual Recruitment Fair as a two-week event. This gives schools and teachers in different time zones the opportunity to interact. Each school will have its own timetable of when it will be ‘live’ and attending ‘in person’. Take note of the times that schools show on their virtual booths and make sure you try to attend a few live sessions.

9. Prepare for interviews

Once school Heads have connected with you, they may want to arrange an interview soon after, via the Fairs’ own video system or through Skype. You need to prepare yourself by reading TIC’s interview tips which will be available at the TIC virtual booth at the Fair.

10. Get back in touch

Always follow-up with a thank you message to the schools you are particularly interested in, confirming your enthusiasm for a teaching position.

At TIC’s Virtual Recruitment Fair, as well as talking with many schools, you will have the chance to seek independent, experienced advice from the recruitment experts at TIC who can guide you with your selection and decision-making at any time during or after the fair.

For more information about the Virtual Recruitment Fair and to sign up to the event, click here.

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