About us

At TIC Recruitment, we provide a reliable and responsive service, finding great teachers and leaders for international school jobs around the world.

TIC Recruitment was set up in 2005 by ex-international school educators to help teachers and leaders find great positions in international schools. Some of our team have worked overseas as teachers themselves and have first-hand experience of international school teaching.

We are passionate about providing a quality and personal recruitment service to teachers and leaders for no charge. TIC Recruitment works with teachers and leaders to ensure they find the best possible placement for them in leading international schools across the world.

Our team is small and efficient. We can be flexible and adaptable to your needs. To find our teachers and leaders the perfect overseas jobs, we listen to their needs. TIC Recruitment doesn't send mass job alerts and we do not fill vacancies for the sake of it. Our first priority is to provide advice and support for teachers and leaders looking for their next position in an international school.

We regularly visit international schools that we hire for. This means we can guarantee we can offer teachers and leaders positions in the highest quality schools across the world. We have already visited over 100 international schools so far. We are also proud associate members of BSME, FOBISIA, and COBIS.