Charity Partnership

All members of the team are keen fundraisers and TIC has raised thousands of pounds over the years for some great causes, such as the recent Nepal Earthquake appeal.

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

In April 2015, Nepal was devastated by a large earthquake. The capital Kathmandu was at the epicentre of the quake, causing buildings to collapse and killing over 9,000 people, with 23,000 more injured.

TIC is very proud to support the charity work done by the British School of Kathmandu (TBS Kathmandu) following the 2015 earthquake. Many local schools were destroyed, leaving local and disabled children sleeping outside with nowhere to go. TBS has been supporting these schools for many years and has now set up the TBS Charity Appeal to help rebuild them.

In the months following the earthquake, TBS has helped supply food, water and blankets, and work has now begun on rebuilding the schools. 

Since the earthquake, TIC has been raising funds to support TBS' charity efforts. In 2015, we completed a 13 mile sponsored bike ride to help push donations. In 2017, the TIC team will be climbing Southern Britain's two highest peaks in one day. To find out more and sponsor the climb, visit the GoFundMe page.

Broaden Out Their Horizons

TIC is very proud to be an official sponsor of Broaden Out Their Horizons (BOTH) – a charity that brings students together from schools that share global partnerships.

Broaden Out Their Horizons is an educational charity, established by two teachers – Linda Quinn and Martha Braggins. The charity aims to organise and fund reciprocal exchange visits between schools in the UK and their global partners.

The vision of BOTH is to provide these fantastic experiences to students in as many schools as possible. BOTH will prioritise projects with state schools in socially deprived areas with established global partnerships.  Within schools, we will prioritise the involvement of students according to their levels of social, economic or pastoral deprivation. A founding principle of the charity is that all such trips should be reciprocal and that funding must be equitably divided between both schools.

BOTH has already supported exchange visits between Islington-based Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School and Magoba Junior Secondary School in South Africa, which you can read about in our Blog.

TIC is very proud to support this incredibly worthy cause; a vision shared by its patron Helena Bonham Carter, who says: “I am very excited to be part of something that aims to give young people around the world the opportunity not only to share what they have in common with each other, but also to learn from their differences.”

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