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Virtual networking – your first step to finding your international school job this year

Start your international school job hunting in the best possible way this year by participating, completely free of charge, in the TIC Virtual Recruitment Networking Fair.

TIC’s VRF Networking provides you with a week of online, global networking to learn about and connect directly with many good, outstanding and accredited international schools based around the world that will be recruiting this year.

VRF Networking takes place from November 19th to 25th, so that you can participate when it’s convenient for you…and as often as you need. It’s perfect preparation for the forthcoming recruitment season.

What is VRF Networking?

TIC’s VRF Networking event is virtual, easy for you to participate, free of charge, and accessible at all hours; whenever it best suits you, regardless of your time zone.

The event will enable you to view details about the schools, connect directly with those schools that you are interested in, upload your CV or resume, and ask as many questions as you want about potential jobs and career opportunities at the schools.

What’s the benefit?

Take advantage of this cool, accessible, easy and affordable new first step to your job hunting – from the comfort of your sofa! It’s very popular with teachers. In the first TIC VRF event earlier this year, 624 qualified teachers from 63 different countries attended. Most teachers said they’d participate again and would recommend the VRF to their colleagues as a way to easily connect with many good international schools. 

What will it cost?

There is no cost! As a delegate, attending TIC’s VRF Networking is absolutely free – there are no hidden costs anywhere. It is accessible to qualified teachers. You must register to be authorised to attend.

If you’d like more information about TIC’s VRF Networking contact Leisha at

Virtual networking – your first step to international school job hunting this year

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