Search for your next teaching job from your sofa! Have you signed up for the TIC Virtual Networking Fair yet?

For teachers looking for a new job overseas, it’s now easier than ever to find your perfect position. From November 19th to 25th, TIC is running a Virtual Recruitment Networking Fair that will be completely free for teachers to participate. During this time, you will be able to log in, learn about, and connect directly with top international schools from across the globe, all that will be recruiting teachers.

What is VRF Networking?

TIC’s VRF Networking is an online event, accessible at all hours. You can participate when it’s convenient for you, regardless of your times zone, and log in as often as you need.

You can view details of the schools, interact with any schools you are interested in, upload your CV or resume, and ask as many questions as you want about potential jobs and career opportunities at the schools.

What’s the benefit?

If you want to job hunt from your sofa, you can! The event is free, easy, and accessible. And it’s already proving to be a popular way for teachers to job search. In the first event that TIC held earlier this year, 624 qualified teachers from 63 different countries attended. Most teachers said they’d participate again and would recommend the VRF to others as a way to easily connect with many good international schools. 

What will it cost?

There is no cost (and no hidden costs)! It is accessible to qualified teachers. You must register to be authorised to attend.

So register now!

If you’d like to register, email your CV to

Virtual networking – your first step to international school job hunting this year!

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