How do you search for your perfect teaching job?

Earlier this year, TIC asked teachers how they found out about new teaching jobs at international schools. We had a great response to the survey, and the results showed some interesting, and unexpected, results.

Do you turn to the internet to search for teaching jobs? You’re not alone. A huge majority of teachers started their search online; over 80% saying this was their first port of call, with 36% of teachers specifically visiting online job sites.

Surprisingly, many of the teachers who started their search on the internet became frustrated. Over 80% of teachers said that they changed their job hunting strategy as time progressed. After exhausting online options, 60% of teachers then turned to recruitment agencies to help them with their job hunt. These teachers said that they felt more confident applying for jobs via a recruitment agency.

If you are one of the 80% of teachers who use the internet to job search, you may be interested in TIC’s Virtual Recruitment Networking Fair, taking place between November 19th to November 25th. The event is free for teachers, and is an easy and convenient way to interact with top international schools around the world. For more information click here

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