TIC research identifies how teachers job search

This summer, TIC asked international teachers how they prefer to search for international jobs and what routes they find most valuable. We had an excellent response and some interesting results:

Starting a search

78% of the teachers surveyed said that they would be searching for a new position this year, ready for starting a new international school teaching job in September 2019.  The first place these teachers said they plan to look is either online job sites or through recruitment companies. 36% of the teachers said they will go straight to online job sites to start their search. A similar number said they will go straight to one or more recruitment companies.

Over 75% of the teachers polled said they would definitely be registering with TIC to help them find their new teaching job.

Learning from experience

Of the teachers TIC surveyed who have recently been through the recruitment process, an overwhelming number of them (84%) said that their approach to job-hunting changed as their search progressed.

Although many teachers said they started their search using online job sites, 61% of them said they switched to using a recruitment company in order to find the best job options. These teachers said they felt more confident or supported applying for jobs via a recruitment agency.

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