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Published on 11th December, 2017 by Andrew Wigford. Published in For Candidates / TIC News

Photo: Flickr: Regent Language Training

Photo: Flickr: Regent Language Training

TIC Recruitment was recently featured in the PIE News. The publication interviewed Andrew Wigford about his thoughts on a new recruitment report for teachers. The report asked over 10,000 teachers from across the world why they wanted to teach overseas.

The survey found that the chance to travel was a driving factor for many teachers, with 43% of the candidates citing this as the reason. A large number of teachers said that they wanted to teach overseas to progress their career, with 37% saying this was an incentive. Only 15% of candidates were motivated by financial reasons.

Andrew said that the findings suggest that schools need to re-think, and keep up to date with their approaches to recruitment. “Schools need to be very aware of their online presences and invest in a good website that has a very strong careers section,” he said. This helps teachers to get a clearer picture of the school, its ethos and its community.

Andrew also drew attention to the fact that for many teachers, location is very important when considering teaching overseas. A recent TIC survey found that Asia and the Middle East are the most popular destinations for teachers, with Europe coming third.

Another important factor which Andrew highlighted was the fact that teachers often choose schools due to the recommendation of a colleague or respected recruiting agency and that many choices are based on job preferences and school quality, rather than location or salary.

You can read the full PIE News article here.

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Andrew Wigford

Andrew is Managing Director of TIC. He has been involved in international education both as a teacher and Headteacher for over 25 years and has worked in Germany, Colombia and Austria. He set up TIC recruitment in 2005 to help teachers find great jobs in great international schools.