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Published on 16th November, 2017 by Anne Keeling. Published in For Candidates / TIC News

TIC appeared on BBC Radio as part of the Three Counties Radio’s mid-morning programme, the JVS (Jonathan Vernon-Smith) Show, which focused on the opportunities for teachers of working in schools abroad.

TIC’s Head of Teacher Recruitment, Gemma McSweeney, discussed the British teacher ‘brain drain’ with presenter, Jonathan Smith and why more teachers are choosing to leave the UK and look for international experiences and careers.

“Overseas teaching has become very attractive,” Gemma said. “It’s not only the salary, it’s the package as a whole [that attracts teachers]. Teachers are getting accommodation thrown in, they are having bills paid for them as well…they have the opportunity to save a lot more money.”

Gemma explained how many teachers remaining working overseas. “An average contract for a teaching position overseas is two years, then they get the bug,” she said. “They’ve done their two years and want to experience a different culture and country”.

Jonathan Vernon-Smith asked Gemma why she thought good teachers were being drawn overseas. “Unless something drastic changes in the UK, then there will always be teachers who are seeking opportunities elsewhere, because they’re unhappy with the profession in the UK,” she said.

Click here to listen to the full programme on iplayer, which aired on November 14th:

Teaching at an international school can offer many benefits in addition to being able to save money, including developing professional skills, working alongside experienced teachers from other countries, and achieving a better work/life balance. If you are interested in the possibility of teaching overseas, take a look at some of the current jobs that are available through TIC and register now for free for access to all the jobs that are currently being posted for a 2018 September start.

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