I’m not ready to retire, so I’m teaching internationally instead

Published on 2nd November, 2018 by Amy Bardsley. Published in For Candidates / TIC News

Cheryl Eversfield is a primary teacher from Kent, UK. She previously taught in Qatar for six years and has just moved to Malaga, Spain to start a new role at Laude San Pedro International College. TIC helped Cheryl to find her position in Malaga and we recently spoke to her about her first impressions of living and working in Spain:

I decided to teach at an international school because I wanted to experience teaching within a range of different cultures, and languages. I have spent the last six years teaching in Doha, Qatar, and was ready for a new challenge; that’s why I came to Spain.

I want to continue teaching

As I’m now 60, I would never get a job in the UK. The education system in Britain does not value experience, and I am too expensive. At international schools, there are many teachers over 60.  I am not ready to retire and feel I still have a lot to give, and I love teaching! Even if I wanted to, my UK teaching pension is not enough and I will not get the state pension for another six years. Teaching internationally is a great option for my situation.

Experiencing a new curriculum

I am teaching the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) here in Malaga. I like the fact the curriculum is not just British-based, but places more emphasis on teaching values. It’s much more-child centred than other curricula. I’m really enjoying teaching here; I have never felt so welcomed as I have at Laude San Pedro International College. It’s a really warm environment to work within.

Life in Malaga

Moving overseas is not all smooth sailing; it’s a challenge sorting out the documentation and paperwork. I also had to find my own apartment in Malaga. In Qatar, everything was done for you, apart from attestation of degree certificates. It’s also different in terms of language, as not everyone speaks English and some people appear affronted if you don’t speak Spanish. 

One great benefit of teaching in Malaga is the weather! It’s also easy to get around. I’m looking forward to visiting different places in Spain and discovering more about the culture, and the history of the country. It’s also much better for me geographically than Qatar, as it’s a lot easier to travel home.

Continued support from TIC

My recruitment consultant Amy was very helpful in finding me my new post. She keeps in touch with me regularly to find out how things are going. Thank you so much TIC!

TIC helped Cheryl to find her job and be selected for her teaching position at the Laude San Pedro International College. You’ll find plenty more advice about teaching in international schools in our Teacher’s Stories section. Register free with TIC now.

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Amy Bardsley

Amy is one of our recruitment consultants she has great experience of recruitment selection methods and strategies and since joining TIC has attended international conferences and placed many teachers overseas.