This time next year you could be like me!

Are you considering moving overseas? Are you wondering what it’s like and what opportunities it could offer you? Here are stories from three teachers who recently got jobs overseas through TIC, speaking about their experiences of living and working overseas:

I’m learning how to live in a truly international community

Kate Roberts recently moved from the UK to Italy to teach drama at the International School of Milan:
“I decided to teach at an international school because I wanted to move abroad. I wanted a new cultural experience, and to have a break from the UK teaching environment. A post teaching drama rarely comes up, so I jumped at the chance!

I’m really enjoying living in Milan, and teaching at the school. I’m already learning a lot and gaining experience working with a new methodology and curriculum; the International Baccalaureate (IB).

While I’m here I’m learning the local Italian language and about culture first-hand. I’m also a fan of the food! So far, the people in Milan have been very open and friendly.

From this experience, I’m learning how to live in a truly international community. It’s great to work alongside students and teachers from around the world, all with different perspectives.”

I’m embracing the culture and learning a new curriculum

Denise Clarke is from Ireland. TIC helped Denise to get her first position teaching at an international school, at the British International School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

“Working at BIS Ho Chi Minh City, I’ve been presented with so many opportunities I would not have had if I’d remained in Ireland. I’m able to work with motivated students and teachers from a variety of different countries, which is always interesting! There are also many opportunities for me to develop as a teacher, including gaining experience teaching the International Baccalaureate (IB).

I really enjoy living in Vietnam. The people are amazing! They’re friendly, educated, interesting, and not afraid to practice their English. I’m embracing the culture, and the food!”

I’m keeping up to date with the education revolution

Eman Sukker is a teacher from Jordan. She is now living and working in the UAE, where she teaches at Cranleigh School, a British international school in Abu Dhabi:

“Cranleigh Abu Dhabi is one of the best schools in the UAE and working here has opened so many doors for me. I’ve learned many effective teaching techniques, and continue to do so. I learned to think ‘out of the box’.

The most challenging aspect of moving to teach overseas was feeling lonely at the beginning of the experience. But the people here are so friendly and I made friends in no time. I now know people from all around the world. There is no racism here. Everyone is treated equal; as a human being. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, the colour of your skin, the country you’re from; everyone is treated with respect. It is great to truly experience new people and different cultures.

Working overseas allows me to stay in the loop and keep up-to-date with the rapid education revolution. I believe it’s important to help to change our young people’s futures in the best way we can as they are our future world leaders, and this experience is helping me do that.”

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