10 reasons why you should take part in a Virtual Recruitment Fair this year

From 17th to 31st March 2018, TIC Recruitment will host one of the first ever international school Virtual Recruitment Fairs. This event is a fantastic opportunity for schools to engage with quality teachers from across the globe. Here are ten reasons why your school should not miss out:

1. The event is a chance for you to fill all your positions by May

Does your school still have vacancies to fill? The Virtual Recruitment Fair provides an affordable, reliable and accessible solution to fill any remaining positions by May.

2. It’s the new way to recruit

Virtual fairs are the newest solution for recruitment. They are used by highly successful global companies such as Amazon, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson to recruit top talent from around the world. By attending, your school can be involved in a foreword thinking, user-friendly and time-efficient way of engaging job-hunting teachers.

3. Teachers are already signing up

The event is completely free for teachers which is already attracting many who are interested to participate and meet with reputable schools.

4. You’ll connect with teachers with the qualifications and abilities you need

TIC is pre-vetting all teachers who register to ensure they are qualified, first-language or fluent English-speaking teachers. Your school will be able to access an excellent pool of qualified candidates all looking for teaching positions for the 2018/2019 academic year.

5. Teachers from across the globe will attend 

Teachers who may previously have been geographically restricted from attending a traditional fair can attend the Virtual Recruitment Fair. This means quality teachers from all corners of the world can attend. Your school will have access to qualified teachers from the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

6. It’s a great way to showcase your school

The Virtual Recruitment Fair offers schools many options to personalise and maximise their presence at the fair. The event re-creates a traditional recruitment fair; with an auditorium and exhibitor stands. Schools can customise their booths, schedule presentation slots and upload videos for teachers to view. 

7. It’s your chance to see how other schools are marketing themselves

This is a great opportunity to learn from other foreword-thinking schools about the best ways of marketing. You’ll be able to watch other schools’ promotional videos and attend their presentations to see what they are doing, and gain inspiration for your own school.

8. You have two weeks to consider candidates

Unlike a traditional recruitment fair which lasts a matter of days and where decisions can be highly pressurised, TIC’s Virtual Recruitment Fair provides a two week timespan for schools to review, meet and consider candidates. Throughout this period, schools have plenty of time to talk to teachers on a regular basis (even if they are in different time zones), discuss potential candidates within their SLT, and allow chosen candidates to make a final decision in a stress-free way. 

9. Save money by signing up early

Take advantage of a discounted price to attend the Virtual Recruitment Fair with TIC’s early bird offer. Sign up by 2nd March to get a very affordable discounted price. Click here for more details about this offer.

10. It’s easy!

Attending the Virtual Fair is easy and convenient. Your school can sign in to the fair at any time, day or night, from a computer, tablet or any mobile device. This means you can easily keep track of candidates and communicate with them in the evenings or over weekends.

To register your interest in the event please click here to complete our initial booking form  or alternatively please email Joanne or Leisha for further information.

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