TIC’s Director Andrew Wigford moves to Singapore!

In August I packed my bags and made a move that many our TIC teachers and leaders make, to live and work in South East Asia. I have long thought that having a TIC office in Far East Asia would benefit our client schools and teachers. When my wife Angie was offered a two-year contract to work as an Educational Psychologist at Dover Court International School in Singapore, we both jumped at the chance.

New opportunities for TIC

The move is a fantastic opportunity for TIC, as we now have a base here. We work with many respected and reputable schools in the South East Asian region, and from Singapore I’ll be able to visit many of these. I’ll also be exploring and identifying schools we hope to work with in the future, meeting their leadership teams, and discussing their specific recruitment needs.

The central location of Singapore in the region makes travel to many different countries relatively easy. Since arriving in Singapore 9 weeks ago, we have already visited schools in Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Brunei and of course here in Singapore. 

Settling in

Settling into a new country is never easy. As a family, we have lived in 15 different houses in 6 different countries but this move has been as challenging as all the others. The school has been very supportive and Singapore is a very well organised country and most people here speak great English. Nevertheless, finding somewhere suitable to live was as stressful as ever, more so in many respects as this is the first country we have lived in where you have to commit to a two-year lease on a rental property. The pressure to make sure you make the right choice is quite intense.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure, and the possibilities that come with it for our teachers and leaders. On a personal level, I’m enjoying the great weather and Asian food! I’ll be posting regular updates on the blog about my time in the region.

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