Top 10 qualities Headteachers look for in a job interview

As well as requiring full teaching qualifications, fluent English and some teaching experience, international schools look for many other qualities from their teachers. Here, Headteachers from some of the world’s leading international schools share the top qualities they look for when hiring:

  • Hardworking, internationally minded teachers with a self-reflective approach.
  • Teachers who have a social conscience, a love of social justice and want to make a difference in the community.
  • Teachers who don't already think they're excellent, are able to progress and have the potential to be even better teachers or leaders when they leave.
  • Flexible and open-minded teachers who can adapt to both the school, and living in a different environment.
  • Teachers who are willing to muck in, get their hands dirty and do a bit of everything, whether or not it’s their area of expertise.
  • Inspirational, interrogative thinkers and compassionate mentors.
  • Teachers who are prepared to be part of the community and work with colleagues to establish a positive school culture.
  • Teachers willing to participate in the school's boarding duties and offer high quality after-school activities.
  • Teachers with a combination of experience, skill and personality - experience alone is not important if the other two qualities are missing.
  • An interesting person with a good sense of humour. Not a 'cookie cutter' teacher; children want to know a teacher as a person with a personality.

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