Filling the gaps in your staffing needs

You’ve no doubt been to the recruitment fairs, placed job vacancy adverts and held interviews, but are you still struggling to fill staffing positions at your school? If so, now is the time to turn to a specialist recruitment agency for help. Here’s how an agency can help you fill the gaps in your staffing needs:

A recruitment agency will have a global reach

A reputable agency will have access to teachers across the world. But make sure you’re working with an agency that qualifies and pre-selects the right teachers for the needs of international schools. At TIC we only accept teachers onto our database with appropriate teaching qualifications and teaching experience from countries that are recognised by international schools, and we only accept teachers with English as a first language or are fluent in English. Such teachers are primarily from the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. At TIC we market our services to teachers from these countries all year round in order to maintain a comprehensive bank of skilled candidates who are currently searching for international school jobs.

A recruitment agency will provide selection criteria

The teachers on any reputable agency’s database will have gone through some level of selection process at registration. At TIC our process is strict. Our staff handle the time-consuming but essential checks on qualifications and security, and we collect references. We also talk to the candidates to make sure their aspirations and needs fit with the requirements of the school. All of this saves your school time, and it means that you only receive qualified and suitable candidates to select from. This sets us apart from some other recruitment agencies but we think it’s an important distinction and, as a result, schools trust us.

A recruitment agency has access to a database of candidates

Any respected recruitment agency will have teachers with a variety of curricula, subject specialty and teaching experience on their database. If you are struggling to find a specific teacher, the chances are a recruitment agency will have access to a variety of candidates and some suitable alternative options. At TIC, as well as marketing to teachers with the right qualifications, we also target our marketing to specific subject, phase or skill specialties that can be hard for schools to find.

A recruitment agency has new teachers registering each week

Advertising a job vacancy is limited and a slow process; an advert is only as good as the people who see it, and then there’s the process of waiting for applications and qualifying them all. In contrast, a recruitment agency offers job-hunting teachers the opportunity to register in preparation for forthcoming vacancies. This means that there’s a pool of possible candidates ready and waiting for a school to select from. That’s why it’s so important to use a specialist international school recruitment agency where all the candidates will be relevant.

The database of a recruitment agency is also continuously growing. For example, at TIC, each week we register an average of 150 pre-qualified teachers who are looking for jobs in international schools.

A recruitment agency can save you money and time

Using a recruitment agency often works out to be cheaper than placing adverts. It also saves your staff time reviewing and qualifying applications, and gathering references. And at TIC we only charge if we place a successful candidate with you; no win, no fee! 

A recruitment agency can support your senior leadership recruitment too

Not all agencies focus on the recruitment of both teachers and senior leaders. At TIC, because of the skills and experience of TIC staff, we also support senior leadership and headteacher selection. This is a bespoke, service-focused approach managed by a specialist team with international school leadership experience of their own.

A recruitment agency can provide you with specialist knowledge

Most reputable recruitment agencies will have years’ worth of recruitment experience. Specialist international school agencies will know much more about international schools and have a very targeted database. TIC has 12 years specialising in international school recruitment. In addition, our Managing Director Andrew Wigford is a former international school Headteacher who led and taught in international schools for over 15 years. This level of experience is invaluable during your selection and recruitment process.

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