Do you want to recruit the best teachers for your school? Here’s how.

The recruitment season has started, and international schools across the globe are now on the hunt for brilliant and experienced teachers. With more international schools emerging, and less teachers working in the profession, the competition is fierce. TIC surveyed teachers working at international schools around the world to find out their thoughts on different aspects of the recruitment procedure. We’ve put together the findings; here’s how your school can improve the process to attract the very best teachers this year. 

Is your school marketing to teachers?

The survey revealed that a school’s website is the first place a prospective candidate will look. Yet most school websites dedicate their marketing to parents and students; rarely is their focus on attracting teachers. A simple change that could benefit schools is to add a prospective teacher’s section to the website. This could include up-to-date vacancies, teacher testimonials, FAQs, accommodation information, photos, and information about CPD opportunities. This could also be shared on relevant social media platforms.

How is your school’s application process?

The first contact a teacher will have with the school is through the application. What is your school’s application process like? Teachers prefer a process that is simple and easy-to-understand, preferably with an application pack they can download. The best way for schools to individually improve this aspect of their recruitment is to ask previous applicants for advice; how did they find it the application process, and have they got any feedback to help make it easier for future candidates?

Are you communicating effectively with teachers?

Good communication is vital during the recruitment process. Many of the teachers who responded to the survey agreed that it was extremely disappointing to spend hours applying, and not receive a reply or even an acknowledgement from the school. Although it is time-consuming, it is important to reply to teachers, including to non-shortlisted applicants. Good communication and fast response times were universally important to teachers; many schools lose great candidates simply because they fail to keep in regular contact with them.

Have you considered working with a recruitment agency?

Our survey discovered that most teachers register with one or more recruitment agencies; this gives them the support and guidance that they need to find reputable international schools. It also helps many to understand more about benefits packages, salaries, contracts and visa requirements. As a result, working with a recruitment agency with a large pool of quality candidates will mean you will have immediate access to a good range of potential contenders. Recruitment agencies specialising within the international school sector will have the most targeted pool of talent who are right for you.

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