How do I find the best teaching destination for me?

Have you read our list of the ‘Top Ten Countries to Teach In’ in this newsletter? Are you still unsure of where you’d like to teach? Here are some additional points to consider when compiling your shortlist of preferred locations:

Identify your priorities

Think about what’s most important to you and your lifestyle. Is it important that you’re close to nature? Do you want to be close to an airport so that you can visit home? Is it essential you’re within access to restaurants and bars? Or shops? Write down a list of your key priorities.

Location, location, location

Once you’ve identified what aspects of your lifestyle are important to you, think about the location that would best match these priorities. Would you prefer a metropolis, a developing city, a small town, or somewhere very remote?


Research the climates of the destinations that are of interest to you. Would you prefer to live in a hot, warm country, the Middle East for example, or somewhere cold, like Kazakhstan or Russia?


How do the countries that you’re interested in differ from your home? What are the customs and traditions of your desired destinations? It’s essential to respect the culture you’re living and working in; ask yourself whether you can you live by their rules?

Cost of living

Research the typical cost of rent, everyday necessities, and travel in the countries you’re interested in. Read our teachers’ stories, or ask your recruitment manager to get a sense of how much disposable income you’ll have. If you intend to do a lot of travelling for example, it’s important you work at a school where you will have enough spare money to make the most of this, otherwise you will be frustrated at the missed opportunities.


Have you got any food intolerances? Are you a vegetation? A vegan? Make sure that the cuisine of the country you’re interested in suits your lifestyle. If you’re gluten intolerant, for example, life could be challenging in Italy. 


Are there any communication limitations within the country you’d like to move to? Some countries have restrictions on social media channels, China being a prime example. Will this affect your ability to contact friends and family?


The reason you’re moving is to start a job in a new school so it’s vital to make sure the school suits you. Do your research. What is different about the school you’re looking at, compared to the school you taught at previously? How do students learn differently? How will you adjust to the changes?

Do let your recruitment manager know about your preferences, as they can tailor their search to suit your individual needs.

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