The Top Ten Countries for Teaching Jobs in 2019

The demand for international teachers is growing rapidly around the world. With so many countries to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to look for a teaching job. We’ve put together our top ten countries for 2019, where teaching job opportunities are extensive, and career and lifestyle experiences can be very good, to help narrow the search:


The demand for English-speaking international education in China is still growing. More and more international bilingual schools catering to local Chinese families are being established to respond to this need. Most major cities in China now have these schools so there are many opportunities available for teachers; both English-speaking teachers and skilled Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking teachers.

The country has a fascinating culture and history, and there are many places of interest to visit. Benefits of working here include a high saving potential, the experience to work with different styles of learning, and the chance to learn Mandarin or Cantonese.

It is a very different culture and lifestyle to a typical Western one and most open-minded teachers who move to China enjoy the unique and exciting experience.


Spain has always been a popular choice for teachers and continues to be Europe’s leading country for international schools. Most of Spain’s coastal cities have a good range of schools, as does the capital, Madrid.

The benefits of teaching in Spain include a warm climate, a rich culture, and good food. There is also the chance to travel through mainland Europe during weekends and holidays. For UK teachers, home is easily and quickly accessible. The teaching wage typically doesn’t allow for much money to be saved, however, so it’s not a great option if this is your primary aim.


Kazakhstan may not be the obvious destination for teachers wanting to work overseas but it has many excellent one and two-year contracts available. These would appeal most to teachers wanting the chance to explore a different and exciting country, and to advance their teaching skills in the process. As Kazakhstan’s education system is developing, teachers can make a real difference here.

Living in Kazakhstan is a fascinating experience and you will be close enough to travel easily to some other very unique countries such as Mongolia, Russia, Uzbekistan and China. This is also a place to come if you want to earn and save money, as many of the packages available are generous.


There are many, many options in the UAE for teachers interested in teaching in the Middle East. There are a wide selection of different types of international schools there; from those offering the National Curriculum of England, to American international schools following a US style of curriculum, to International Baccalaureate schools and others too.

The expat population in the UAE is vibrant and large (and outnumbers the local Emiratis), so English is very commonly spoken. Teachers who want to save money have many opportunities; the salaries are tax-free and packages often include accommodation. There are some exceptional international schools, particularly in Dubai, that offer very good benefits for experienced English-speaking teachers. 


Malaysia is expanding significantly as a country for international schooling. The country’s infrastructure and communications are excellent, making it an easy place to live. The expat community is large and supportive and while it’s not a place to get rich as a teacher, you can certainly live a comfortable and interesting life.

The country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur has a great range of schools, and is a city that is both modern and traditional. The Malaysian people are friendly and the food is fantastic. The country has wonderful lush rainforests, is a great place for exploring, and also is easy access to many other countries in South East Asia, particularly Singapore.


Teachers can enjoy a great lifestyle in Thailand. There’s a wide variety of exceptional international schools, offering excellent salary and benefits packages. The weather is sunny and warm and there are lots of interesting places to visit; from historical temples, to beautiful scenery and beaches, to the excitement and cultural metropolis of Bangkok. It’s also a great location from which to travel, with easy access to other places in South-East Asia, such as the Philippines.


The number of international schools in Latin America is increasing, especially in Mexico, which remains one of the most popular destinations. The country is known for its vibrant culture and fiestas, natural beauty, and its world-renowned cuisine. You’ll currently find most international schools in Mexico City and Cancun, with very limited selection elsewhere. These cities are both great bases to travel from, with opportunities to see other parts of Mexico at the weekends, or South and Central America during holidays.

For those who do work here, it’s a great chance to experience an incredibly diverse country with some brilliant tourist attractions and, while the salaries aren’t high, the cost of living is very low.


Vietnam is one of Asia’s largest and fastest growing nations. It’s a beautiful and fascinating country with white sandy beaches, great weather, warm and welcoming locals, and lively culture. The cost of living is relatively low, and generally, the salaries are good, so you can expect to live well if you move here.

There are good international school teaching opportunities in the bustling cities of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. The international school market is growing here, so more jobs are appearing for qualified teachers.


Qatar offers good, lucrative teaching opportunities. Many local families want their children to be educated at the international schools because of their high standards. Demand for places is high in the schools, which means demand for experience and qualified teachers is high too. In addition, there’s a brand-new city, called Lusail, with many international schools. Opportunities are extensive, with tax-free salaries and often very good benefits.

South Korea

South Korea offers teachers a great, vibrant culture, and a comfortable quality of life. The packages are generous and attractive, and often include airfare and accommodation. There are many opportunities here, as the demand for qualified English-speaking teachers is high. Education is valued in the country and students are very eager to learn.

Travel opportunities here are impressive, with easy access to China, South-East Asia, and Australia. Because of the country’s proximity to North Korea, people often assume that the country isn’t safe, but this isn’t the case; it’s an incredibly safe country to live and work.

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