International School Virtual Recruitment Fair held in March 2018

International schools looking to fill final vacancies for the 2018-2019 academic year joined the first ever International School Virtual Recruitment Fair which was held in March 2018. 

The fair was hosted by international school recruitment specialist, TIC Recruitment, which has been supporting the international schools market exclusively for 12 years. “We have recently seen a huge shift in the way schools are choosing to get to know and connect with potential candidates,” said Managing Director, Andrew Wigford. “Most schools now want to get to the final selection of candidates through online approaches; saving them time, money, and giving them the chance to connect with the best teachers, regardless of where they are located,” he said.

This approach for recruitment is already popular with many global corporations, including Amazon and Pfizer, because of the affordable, global, accessible platform that virtual recruitment fairs provide.

TIC’s virtual fair gave schools the chance to connect with skilled, experienced teachers, predominantly from Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. All delegates were pre-assessed by TIC Recruitment to ensure they have essential qualifications and skills, and interest to attend was very high.

Each participating school had a unique opportunity to market themselves to all the delegates, show videos of their school, host scheduled presentations, talk directly to candidates and schedule interviews with them.
For a period of two weeks, teachers and middle leaders looking for new job opportunities were able to access the event free of charge; logging in via any digital device, at a time that suits them. They were able to visit a school’s virtual exhibit booth located in a virtual auditorium. In addition, they also participated in live discussions and web presentations.

The 2018 Virtual Recruitment Fair took place on 17th to 31st March 2018; providing schools with an effective solution for securing final vacancies. 

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