‘Teaching is a profession where you can never stop learning!’

Published on 26th May, 2020 by Andrew Wigford. Published in For Candidates / TIC News

Shyam Dokka is an Information Technology Teacher at Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. We recently caught up with him to see how he was getting on:

1) How did you settle in?

It was excellent that I was collected from the airport and taken to my apartment. They gave me a personal briefing and offered me a sim card. As a techie guy, I could manage most things independently. This included shopping in the local market on the day after my arrival, I was offered lots of assistance but I didn’t want to trouble anyone!

2) What was your first week like? First impressions?

It was very good and impressive! I interacted with all my teammates, and the HOD conducted a meeting which included my introduction process. There was a lot of student and staff interaction; I was with a different teacher from my team every day. It was one of the best environments that I have worked in.

3) What is the social aspect of the job like? 

As my job includes peer teaching, I  am with a different teacher from my team every day on a rotation basis. We always have lunch together, and often plan time together outside of work and even some special occasions. I have introduced a birthday roster; we celebrate the birthdays of our teammates on the last Friday of each month by ordering food, birthday cake and collectively purchase gifts for the birthday babies of that month! It’s a lot of fun.

4) How different is teaching in Kazakhstan compared to your home country?

Of course, every country is different due to culture, historical backgrounds and traditions. I love this environment because of the rapport we have within the team which makes everything possible. I feel the students over here are similar to the students from my home country in terms of respect levels, obedience, thirst for knowledge, and the interaction which makes teaching enjoyable.

5) Have you faced any challenges yet? Learnt any new skills?

Teaching is a profession where you can never stop learning, especially as a technology teacher as it is upgrading every single day. We need to keep up with the latest in the market which keeps me very busy as a tech teacher. As I love challenges as well, I have continued working on many new courses. In particular, courses on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and building chatbots on my own for which I have been awarded badges by the IBM Digital-Nation. I am interested to do even more courses to enhance my learning!

6) How is your accommodation? Are you happy with the salary package?

My accommodation is good, not too big and has old soviet style furniture in it. As I stay alone I am okay with it and it’s very close to the shopping centre. Salary is also okay, I used to get almost the same while I was in China not much difference but I am quite happy that I have relocated as the pandemic strikes.

7) Have you explored the country much? Many travel opportunities?

We have had trips within the city and the city outskirts. I visited Astana as well for a week and we enjoyed it a lot. At the beginning of the Christmas vacation, we went to Moscow where we had an awesome time with one of my Indian friends who also works here.

8) How different is the culture? Are you enjoying it?

Of course, each country has its own cultural background. After working for multiple international locations like the Maldives, Indonesia, Cambodia, and China I realised that there is something to learn from everyone. I have spent time with the local teachers and the neighbourhood, I was happy to know that they love Indian culture! I was treated so nicely. Overall, I am enjoying it!

9) How helpful were TIC during your recruitment process and would you recommend them?

I am very happy with the team right from day one! It was nice to get in touch with TIC team. I have already referred a few guys and happy to recommend more. 

I take this opportunity to thank the whole team for your wonderful assistance/support. I should especially thank Leisha for her wonderful time, effort, and swift responses. It's been a pleasure knowing her. Once again thank you one and all for the TIC recruitment team, I hope we will continue our bonding by supporting each other.


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