Teaching couple plus son: a great international school experience for us all

Published on 25th September, 2017 by Anne Keeling. Published in For Candidates / TIC News

Anita Pardoe and Ian Jones are teachers from Worcester in England. They have just moved from the UK to Kathmandu in Nepal with their 6-year-old son to start teaching at the British International School Kathmandu. Anita teaches Art and Ian teachers Science. They are experienced international teachers, previously having taught in Bangkok and Phuket for a total of 13 years. Here they share their first impressions of life in Nepal:

Teaching in Kathmandu is expanding our horizons and taking us out of our comfort zones. We’re both really enjoying returning to teaching in a developing country where teachers are highly respected.

Developing country, innovative school

Experiencing the teaching and learning environment of an international school helps us to develop a better understanding of different learning styles as we are working with students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

We’re also learning more about technology in the classroom. We have both been given MacBooks and iPads and use them in the classroom as the school hopes to move into a paperless environment.

Life for our six-year-old at a British international school

Our son is enjoying school [he is learning at the British School Kathmandu] and is taught a wider curriculum than his previous school. The school has a number of specialist teachers who teach him sport, music and drama each week and he thoroughly enjoys learning these subjects.

He also has an array of extra-curricular activities which he is involved with after school each evening. He is making friends from around the world and as a result, his understanding of different religions and beliefs has expanded dramatically.

Family life in Nepal

Life in Kathmandu is exciting and we enjoy the fact that culture plays a vital part in the community. We love to find places to eat and trying out the Nepalese cuisine, and we’ve already had a weekend retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas!

We’re now looking forward to our first vacation, in two weeks’ time. We’ve chosen to stay within Nepal as there’s so much to explore and we want to get to know our host country better.

We would highly recommend TIC

TIC was very professional and kept us abreast of development along the recruitment path. We are very grateful for their support and would highly recommend the company to any of our teaching colleagues. 

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