If I could teach anywhere, where would it be?

Published on 19th October, 2014 by Owen Richards. Published in For Candidates / TIC News


Everyone has a dream holiday destination. But do you have a dream destination for teaching? The team at TIC Recruitment know all the possible locations around the world for living and teaching. So where would they go if they could succeed in the interview, and jump on the next plane?

Gemma McSweeney, TIC’s Associate Director says Berlin in Germany

“Every neighbourhood in Berlin is steeped in history, and the beer is bigger and better than anywhere else! The flea markets are amazing and have everything you’ll ever need and there’s inspiring street art everywhere you turn. Although the prices have increased over the past few years, Berlin is still considered a relatively affordable destination. When I recently visited, I could eat out at lunch for under 10Euros and coffees were as cheap as 1.20Euros. Also don’t forget that Berlin’s central location makes it easy to travel around Europe. So if I were you, I’d pick Berlin.”

Rose Ford, TIC’s Recruitment Consultant says Italy

“There are so many beautiful places to see in Italy. The food is amazing, the weather is perfect, particularly in the summer, and the skiing is great in the winter.”



Daniella Davies, TIC’s Recruitment Consultant says Abu Dhabi in the UAE

“It’s the upcoming place in the UAE and there’s a lot to see and do with beaches, a good night life, fascinating experiences such as desert safaris, iconic landmarks to see such as the Emirates Palace, and amazing weather. It’s also an incredible culture to experience. And don’t forget the great salary and benefits packages you’ll find there!”

Andrew Wigford, TIC’s Managing Director say Costa Rica

“This country has it all...amazing wildlife, beautiful beaches, active volcanoes, lovely food and friendly people. There is so much to see and do there, the white water rafting is incredible and trekking through the rainforest is such a memorable experience. I have been there twice but only on holidays - I wouldn't mind living there at all!”

Janice Gillian, TIC’s Finance Director says Turkey

“It’s a really interesting place – at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and at an important time in its history. Most of the country is safe and I would take the opportunity to travel around when I could. There is fantastic food, history, architecture, culture and climate there! It’s relatively close to the UK, so not too far from my daughter in her first year at uni, and easy for friends and family to visit.”

Katryn Max, TIC’s Recruitment Consultant says Mauritius

“There are several English-speaking international schools in Mauritius. It has a rich cultural history with many international influences. It’s multilingual and would give me a chance to use my knowledge of French. As a Commonwealth country it’s a safe place to work and live and it’s a democracy with economic and political freedom. Plus it’s under 12 hours flight-time from the UK so, although it’s a long way away, it’s easy to fly back and forth for me to see family and friends – and for all of them to visit me!”

Owen Richards, TIC’s Communications Consultant says South Korea

“Jeju looks beautiful and the whole country is  forward thinking. They have something called the Penguin Swimming Contest and I love the name of that! I don’t know that I’d participate but it would great to be a spectator! There’s a beautiful volcanic waterfall  that’s supposed to be incredible. That would be my first weekend trip. They’re also planning to have the first robotic amusement park there next year – what more could I want!”

Anne Keeling, TIC’s Media Relations Representative says Malaysia

“The food is unbelievable. I’ve never enjoyed food so much.  Malaysia is creating so many opportunities for international education that the opportunities there would be extensive and very exciting. You can easily drive through the rainforest to Singapore which is another amazing country and from Malaysia you could visit so many fascinating countries in South East Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand. Malaysia itself is packed full of incredible things to see and do.

You can read about other great countries to live and teach here or find about available jobs in some great locations now.

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