Gemma’s 10 great years with TIC Recruitment

Published on 11th April, 2019 by Andrew Wigford. Published in For Candidates / TIC News

In our fast-changing world, celebrating a 10-year work anniversary is not so common these days. Which is why at TIC we are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of our Senior Recruitment Manager, Gemma McSweeney.

Here are 10 facts about Gemma’s time at TIC that not many people know:

  1.  Gemma has worked with international schools in over 100 countries during her time at TIC
  2. She’s supported over 500 international schools with their staffing needs and recruitment selection
  3. Gemma has visited international schools in over 20 countries
  4. She’s met with more than 500 international school Headteachers and Senior Leaders at conferences, seminars and school visits
  5. And over the past 10 years, Gemma has helped over 2,000 teachers through their recruitment process to find jobs in international schools.
  6. Now for the fun stuff… Since joining TIC, Gemma has organised more than 120 TIC staff social events
  7. She has participated in at least 80 international school conference shindigs
  8. Gemma has raised over £1,000 in charity donations
  9. She’s supported more than 20 students and young staff during their time at TIC as they have developed professionally
  10. And we calculate that, while working at TIC, Gemma has been to 8,347 parties – though not all of them during work hours!

Congratulations Gemma for making it this far. And congratulations all of us in TIC for putting up with you for so long! We’re proud of the TIC culture and the team ethos we have here which means our staff enjoy working with us, making them super knowledgeable recruiters, super supportive colleagues, and eager to stay for the next 10!

You can congratulate Gemma at

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Andrew Wigford

Andrew is Managing Director of TIC. He has been involved in international education both as a teacher and Headteacher for over 25 years and has worked in Germany, Colombia and Austria. He set up TIC recruitment in 2005 to help teachers find great jobs in great international schools.