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Published on 24th March, 2014 by Gemma McSweeney. Published in For Candidates / TIC News / Press Releases

  • 1 year contract

  • Salary of $4000 or $5000 per month

  • Chance to save over half your salary each month

  • 60% cheaper than living in the UK

  • 46% cheaper than living in the US

  • 34% cheaper than living in Canada

  • Furnished accommodation

Kaindy Lake, Almaty

Would you like to join over four hundred teachers from all over the world who will be heading to Kazakhstan this August to participate in a ground breaking educational reform project?

The Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools are a group of 15 schools across Kazakhstan, which will grow rapidly to 20 by late 2014. The schools are situated in the major cities across the country and offer teachers a unique opportunity to share their expertise in teaching and learning with their Kazakh and international colleagues.

Named after the president of the country, Nursultan Nazarbayev, the ground breaking NIS schools are changing the way education is delivered. Starting with gifted and talented and exceptionally well-behaved secondary (high school) school children, these fully state funded schools, aim to model the very best educational practice from around the world.

Class sizes never exceed 24 and, depending on the subject, the class is often divided into 2 groups meaning that the teachers will be working with a maximum of 12 students.

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Tian Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan







I am really settling in well at NIS. The children are wonderful; the staff are very supportive and lovely to the international staff. Everything is going on well and I am just enjoying my new role at NIS Uralsk.’ Ismail, Mathematics Teacher at NIS Uralsk

‘Things are going well here. For all the differences, I love Kazakhstan. The people are amazing, the students ultra bright and the local staff are incredibly dedicated. ‘ Lee, NIS Atyrau

‘I truly love the school and am having a fine time. Everybody, both international staff and local have been tremendous.’ Thomas, NIS Uralsk

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Gemma McSweeney

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