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Teacher Molly Stones explains how teaching abroad has given her a zest for life...

TIC is always on the lookout for teachers with enthusiasm, drive and a real zest for life! Molly Stones, a Chemistry teacher from Hastings, England has all three of these qualities. Frustrated with the restrictions in UK state schools, Molly contacted us at TIC, looking for a teaching position that would offer her more freedom in her career. She is now teaching at Lanna International School in Thailand and recently shared some of her experiences with us:

Experiencing Thailand

“I've just come back from my fourth residential school trip of the year, this time to Kanchanaburi in Western Thailand! We visited Erawan National Park, which has seven tiers of waterfalls and studied different methods of plant pollination for the students' science education. We also rode on the Death Railway to Hellfire Pass and visited the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery as part of their history course.

More freedom with my teaching

I definitely have more freedom teaching in Thailand than in the UK. I've found it extremely liberating that there is less 'red tape' here. I don't spend as much time doing administration tasks so have the opportunity to create lots of resources that I can continue to use throughout my career. I also teach smaller groups here than in the UK which has helped me to focus more on the individual needs of my students.

Developing my career as a teacher

Leaving the UK to teach internationally has allowed me to see with clarity what sort of teacher I am and how I want to develop my career. This experience has made me realise that I want to focus on teaching and learning and also support other teachers. My goal now is to eventually become a Head of Department!”

Do it ! Teach internationally. I have no regrets

Are you considering teaching internationally? Molly's advice is simple: “Do it!” she says. “The experience is incredible and unlike anything you could get by staying put. Throwing yourself into a new situation is a bit terrifying at first but the rewards are enormous. For me the incredible feeling of freedom, professionally and through being able to travel, means I have no regrets!”

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