Susan Eby is from the USA and has been teaching overseas for over 20 year, developing her skills as a teacher of the and experiencing new countries and cultures. Susan is enjoying teaching internationally so much that she says she will not stop until she retires. TIC helped Susan to find her present job at Somersfield Academy in Bermuda, where she works as an IB Maths teacher. Here Susan shares her experiences:

“I have been teaching internationally since 1994, yet every new post contributes to my development as a teacher. Here in Bermuda I have developed and advanced my skills teaching the IB’s Middle Years Program (MYP) and have improved my use of ManageBac, a platform which helps international schools to manage the IB curriculum.

Having only been a Diploma Program (IBDP) teacher in previous postings, it was illuminating to learn MYP strategies and understand how the skills learned at MYP contribute to successful DP students.  From this experience, I have gained the wonderful feeling of being valued as an educator.

A new culture, beautiful beaches and a tranquil life

Bermuda is a beautiful island with warm, friendly and polite people. The weather is amazing, as is the landscape with its gorgeous pink sand beaches. The island is quite small and very easy to negotiate; whether by the public bus system, walking, scooter, taxi or car. I’m enjoying being a part of a tranquil island culture.

Living and teaching overseas in general can have challenges, but no matter where you are, if you place conditions of worth on the culture you are living in, and are willing to make the most of new experiences, the challenges diminish.

My advice to those considering teaching overseas

Do it! Living and working in a new culture opens doors that no vacation can. I will continue to teach internationally until I retire; my next post is in Cairo, Egypt!”

TIC helped Susan find her job and be selected for her teaching position at Somersfield Academy Bermuda. You’ll find plenty more advice about teaching in international schools in our Teacher’s Stories section. Take a look at the current jobs that are available through TIC and register now for free to have access to all the jobs that are currently being posted for a 2018 start.

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