Amit Damani Patel,
from the UK,
teaching in El Gouna, Egypt.

Amit is currently working in El Gouna, Egypt

Which School did you previously teach at and in which town/country was it?

I started my teaching career back in the UK after qualifying at Warwick University. I taught at New College Leicester for 3 years then I moved on to South Wolds Community School in Nottingham.

Why did you decide to teach abroad?

I decided to go and teach abroad as I love experiencing new cultures and passing on my knowledge of ICT to youngsters from around the world. Education is a universal language and can be taught anywhere in the world as long you have the passion and dedication.

What gave you the idea to teach internationally?

My friends and past colleagues have taught abroad and the feedback I got was amazing. I had to give it a shot and to be honest with you it is the best move of my career

How difficult was it for you to find a job and what route did you take?

Finding a job was difficult however I was not going to give up. I had my mind set that I was going to go and work abroad, and that’s what I did.

How helpful were TIC in finding you the job opportunities and then supporting you through the interview process?

TIC were fantastic, they helped me through out the whole process. Without the TIC team this would not have been possible.

What are your biggest concerns about moving to an international school?

My biggest concern was how I am going to do this? But what got me though this was thinking about the positives and leaving the negatives behind. It has been a struggle but it was well worth it to this present day

What/who has been your most help with information and advice regarding your move to Egypt?

The whole of the TIC team have been very helpful and the response time to answering a question also was very quick, very impressed with the service. I would definitely spread the word of TIC to my colleagues in the UK and around the world

You are moving to Egypt with your wife Tanya, How do the two of you feel about this move together? Is Tanya hoping to work out in Egypt?

I was a little worried about Tanya, however the school interviewed her and gave her a part time hours and due to change of circumstances at school she was given full time hours in her subject area. Things have worked out well.

How do you feel right now about your move?

I am very happy with my current position and I will be working here for a while.

What date do you begin your new job?

Tanya and I started our new jobs in September. We are both very happy here and I would recommend more teachers to take the move abroad and they will see the benefits of teaching and a good lifestyle.

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