Luke Blackburn is a Humanities teacher from the UK who is getting ready to move, with his young family, to Malaysia. Luke will be starting his first ever teaching job overseas, where he’ll be working at Tenby International School Setia EcoHill in Selangor, Malaysia. We spoke to Luke about why he decided to teach overseas, and what he looks forward to most about life in Malaysia:

“I believe international teaching is the ideal melting pot for learning about different cultures. It’ll allow me to combine my love for travel, and humanities subjects. I’ve always been inspired by travel writers, and I travelled the world for years before becoming a parent. Now that my children are 2 and 5, it seems like the ideal time to see more of the world whilst being able to earn an income; I’m so lucky to work in a profession where this is possible. My family and I are looking forward to starting a new chapter in our lives and going on an adventure for an indefinite period of time! 

Developing my skills

I’m certain my new role in Malaysia will challenge me. I’ll have to develop my language skills for students who aren’t native English speakers, alongside teaching a more bespoke curriculum; I’ll be teaching Chinese and Indian History for the first time. There will be many benefits to teaching at an international school in Malaysia. Compared to the UK, I think behaviour management will be almost non-existent. Hopefully the smaller class sizes will also mean that students can make more rapid and sustained progress in their learning.

A better quality of life for my family

I’m looking forward to living in a hot climate and in a cosmopolitan and multicultural society. I can’t wait to experience the wide range of cultural offerings, and to eat the spicy Malaysian food. I’ll also be able to enjoy my hobbies of music and sport in a new setting, with new people. The only downside is that I’ll have to put my record collection into storage before we go!

I hope I’ll be able to live a more relaxed pace of life in Malaysia, and that the move will reduce the stress that comes with modern life. Of course, it’ll be difficult not seeing my friends and family on a regular basis but I’ll have more free time, and more money to spend each month. My children’s lives will benefit greatly from the move; they now have the opportunity of a private education at the school, and we’ll be able to have family holidays exploring South East Asia.

TIC’s support

Gemma provided an excellent service and was integral in helping me secure the job. She maintained a high level of professionalism throughout the process by keeping regular and effective contact with me and my future employer. I would strongly recommend her if you’re looking for a teaching job at an international school!”

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