The best places to teach in 2016

Where are the best places to teach internationally next year?

The new year has settled and international schools are already looking to next September - so should you! We asked our expert TIC team where they think you should be considering for your next international school job:

Rose says Singapore

“Singapore is turning 50 this year and is celebrating all year. They’ll be pulling out all the stops event into November and December! It’s a beautiful and fascinating place anyway but the celebrations will make it even better. So get out there while it lasts!”

Dani says Hong Kong

“Hong Kong is amazing because you can enjoy the city life but there are beautiful beaches too. It is also easy and affordable to get domestic flights to other parts of China which would be great for exploring on your weekends and holidays. It’s important to remember too that the schools in Hong Kong offer excellent salary and benefits!”

Janice says Egypt

“It’s such an interesting country, and teaching there would give you the opportunity to get to know it well.  The international schools take security and safety of teachers very seriously and the cost of living is low so you can do a lot with your earnings.”

Andrew says Bangkok

“There are some amazing schools in Bangkok and I think it would be possible to have a great work and life balance in a lovely place.”

Gemma says Qatar

“It has some of the best international schools in the Middle East, a large expat community, fantastic weather, a great work/ life balance, your earnings are tax free, and the future is bright – there are lots of new international school development plans.”

Amy says Thailand

“There is so much to see and do in this amazing country, there are some lovely international schools, and if you like Christmas and New Year celebrations, I’ve heard you just have the best time there!”

Kat says South Korea

“It has a unique culture! The expat salaries are relatively high and you're able to save a lot of money.  Most importantly, there's so much to do in and around this beautiful country.  The public transport system is vast and easily accessible. It appeals to me as an ‘eternal backpacker’!”

Anne says Vietnam

“The travel experiences throughout Vietnam are incredible, the people are known to be very friendly, Vietnamese food is great and I’d love to sample the authentic cuisine, there are some exceptional international schools  and I think it would be a memorable experience.”

Wendy says Dubai

“There are going to be 27 new international schools opened in Dubai in the next 2 years! It's the place to be!”

Owen says Spain

"Spain is the perfect option for British teachers who would like to stay near to the UK. We've had some exciting vacancies from the Costa del Sol recently - who can resist?!"

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