The best tropical places to teach in

Now that the winter cold has arrived, we take a look at the best tropical destinations you could teach in next year

It's around this time every year when the TIC office gets jealous - jealous of all the teachers we've sent to sunny locations across the world! So if you're feeling the chill already, take a look at these tropical options that you could be enjoying next year:


Known as the 'Pearl in the Indian Ocean', Mauritius truly is a paradise island. There are beautiful beaches in the North and tropical forests in the South, but with all the mod-cons available everyday living. Find out more about life in Mauritius in our interview with Brian Ashton, Head of School at the International Preparatory School.

The United Arab Emirates

One of the most popular shopping destinations on the planet, the UAE can also offer beautiful weather in the pristine sands. Whether you're interested in taking dune buggies across the desert, or going down an artifical ski slope in a shopping mall, the UAE is one of the most exciting places to live! Find out more from TIC teacher Sarah Brown's interview.


Thailand is an incredibly beautiful country. You can visit an ancient temple in deep jungle, or a five-star resort on the coast. Teacher Richard Downs moved to Bangkok from the UK, and is certainly enjoying the change in weather; "to live in sunshine 80% of the time is something which now would be hard to give up". Read more of Richard's story in our Interviews section.


While Britain faced another chilly Halloween, thousands of Mexicans took to the streets for the Day of the Dead carnival! With the Tropic of Cancer cutting right through the country, Mexico experiences winters of around 22 degrees Celcius (72 Fahrenheit)! It's also a fantastic location to explore, with North and South America a short flight away. Find out more about living and working in Mexico in our interview with Edron Academy Headteacher Eamonn Mullally.

Hong Kong

Perhaps not an obvious destination for sun and sea, but Hong Kong is ideal for the weekend explorer. Brian Murphy, who teaches at Harrow International School Hong Kong, says "if you want to get out of the busy city, it's easy to find genuine wilderness, abandoned villages and empty beaches". It's also a great base for visiting South-East Asia! Find out more in our interview with Brian.


For those that want the beauty of the Gulf without the bustle of Dubai, Qatar is a fantastic alternative. Constant sunshine and luxury living, Qatar can also rival the UAE for outdoor activities. "I have been kayaking at midnight through the mangroves, and partying aboard a wooden dhow (Arabian ship) in the bay!" says Janet Berg, a TIC teacher based in Doha. Read more of Janice's story here.


21 square miles of sun and beaches in the middle of the ocean, Bermuda is the dream tropical island. Mhairi Flood-McCaw moved from the UK to teach at the Somersfield Academy in Bermuda, and is enjoying island life: "I love living in a warm, sunny climate – Bermuda has some breath-taking beaches. Living on a small island also makes it really easy to get around and socialise." Find out more about Mhairi's life in Bermuda in our Teacher Interviews section.

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