Support for your education psychology needs

Several international schools that TIC works with are now also partnering with IEPS (International Education Psychology Services) to support them through difficult times with students. IEPS is led by Angie Wigford who is wife of TIC’s Managing Director Andrew. Angie is an education psychologist and worked in international schools for many years.

IEPS provides guidance for school leaders, teachers and students. When schools feel they have tried everything to support the specific needs of an individual student, or when a school is faced with a crisis that impacts its students, IEPS can respond to provide additional perspectives to help a school develop beneficial solutions.

IEPS also delivers high quality CPD and training in such areas as Critical Incident Response, Resilience and Wellbeing, ASD and ADHD, Attachment and Nurture, Emotional Literacy, Specific Learning Difficulties (literacy/language/numeracy/motor), and behaviour management.

All IEPS staff are highly qualified and experienced British-trained Educational Psychologists, with a commitment to the development of educational systems in the widest sense. For more information about IEPS visit:

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