How a recruitment specialist can help in your Headship search

How a recruitment specialist can help in your Headship search

Recruitment agencies vary significantly in the services that they offer, so finding one that meets all of your needs is important, especially when seeking a senior leadership position. Here’s an example of the 5 key services that TIC Recruitment offers to its SLT candidates:

1. Match-making:

Over the last ten years, TIC has built a reputation for providing a very careful matching-up process; helping both teachers and leaders find the right jobs in the right international schools for their skills and preferences. This identification of right school for right individual is especially crucial when it comes to SLT positions.

2. Acting quickly to secure the right opportunities for you:

Our work begins well before a school even approaches us for recruitment support. We take the time to get to know you and to identify your aspirations for your coming job move. This enables us to offer you a position that aligns with your needs as soon as it arises. We hear of many vacancies at the earliest possible stage, often well before an appointment advert appears, so we can advise you of appropriate positions as soon as we hear of them.

3. Tailoring your CV to highlight your key qualities:

Knowing the role requirements of a school means that we can help you to create the best possible application based on your skills, experience and personal qualities.

4. Connecting you with the best possible schools:

TIC only works with accredited and well-respected international schools and has been working with many of them for several years. We have spent time with them; visiting many of the schools that we represent and getting to know what makes them special. We understand their vision, ethos and growth needs. We also support many of them with strategic recruitment for long-term growth. This means that we can closely match your own professional development with what a school can offer.

5. Advising you through the entire recruitment process:

TIC offers advice and guidance at every stage of the recruitment process. We recommend and negotiate on your behalf - our focus is as much on your successful growth as it is on that of the schools.

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