Your international school job-finder check list

Find your next international school job with this handy list

It’s recruitment season right now. All the international schools are advertising their jobs and many are already interviewing. If you’re looking for a job for the next academic year make sure you’ve done all the following steps:

1. Is your CV or resume ready to share? If not, get it updated.

2. Have you fully registered with TIC? It’s absolutely free and you’ll see all the latest jobs – including some that are not advertised anywhere else. Plus you’ll receive lots of valuable support from TIC’s recruitment experts, all who are really friendly and helpful.

3. Have you talked with a TIC advisor? This will help us to know more about you so that we can find the right international school job for your skills and experience.

4. Have you downloaded the TIC App? I will help you to see the very latest jobs anywhere, anytime – and it’s free too! It’s available for iPhones and Android on App Store and Google Play.

5. Are you checking out the TIC Vacancies web-page regularly? It’s easiest to do via the TIC App. Make sure you check the page regularly as new jobs are appearing almost daily right now.

6. Do you have a portfolio of great work samples, images of learning-focused displays, and other good examples to show your teaching skills, ready to share with schools that interview you?

7. Are all your important documents, referees and DBS and criminal record checks ready?

8. Are you getting in touch with us when you see a job on our vacancies section that looks absolutely right for you? If you want to be top of our list of candidates, then make sure that you are proactive - don’t just wait for TIC to get in touch with you.

9. Do you have the latest version of Skype set up and ready? TIC will want to Skype with you, and many first interviews take place by Skype these day. If you’re not a regular Skype user, make sure you have a couple of practices with friends or family so that you feel comfortable using it.

10. Have you created your own checklist of what you want from a school? This will help if and when you get an interview so that you can ask the questions that will matter to you. Don’t forget the interview process is a two-way thing; it’s as much about you finding the right school as it is the school finding the right teacher.

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