Harrow International School Shanghai Harrow International School Shanghai



Links with the other schools in the Harrow family will be strong.  These include Harrow School, The John Lyon School, and the Harrow International Schools Bangkok, Beijing and Hong Kong. 

The School will be organised into two broad phases, Lower and Upper Schools, each with its own Head. The Head of Lower School, will oversee Early Years and Pre-Prep (Years 1-5) while the Head of Upper School will oversee Prep (Years 6-8), the Senior School (Years 9-11) and Sixth Form (Years 12-13).

The curriculum of Early Years will be based on the EYFS curriculum while Pre-Prep will be based on the National Curriculum of England with flavours of the International Primary Curriculum evident. Similarly, Prep, will be based on the National Curriculum with the International Middle Years Curriculum influencing curriculum themes and learning approaches. The focus of the Upper School curricula will be IGCSE and A-levels.

As with the other Harrow International Schools, a very comprehensive extra-curricular programme, which is called Leadership in Action, being the practical application of the Harrow International’s vision statement, will involve all students and teachers every week. Leadership in Action includes community service, outdoor education, sport, the performing arts and a wide range of clubs and hobbies.

The House system will be the pastoral heart of the school and will provide students with leadership opportunities in all phases of the school. In the Lower School and Prep it will be more informally organised but in the Senior School and Sixth Form, all day students will be assigned to boarding Houses and for all Year 9-13 students, the House will be the focus of their life at school, as it is at Harrow School itself.