What it’s really like living and teaching in Saudi Arabia and why I love teaching overseas.

Published on 27th February, 2020 by Wendy Hartrey. Published in For Candidates / TIC News

Have you ever considered teaching in Saudi Arabia? We recently caught up with TIC teacher, Georgina Prendergast. Georgina moved to Saudi in January, after we found her at job at MISK School in Riyadh.  She is seen pictured above visiting the Saudi desert!

How are you settling in?

So far, my time has been predominantly positive. I have a supportive and knowledgeable grade team who have been helpful and welcoming. The classroom is spacious, bright and is a wonderful learning space where resources are easily accessed and readily available.

My favourite parts about working there are the teachers in my grade, the children in my class and the appreciative and supportive environment fostered by the School Leadership Team.

The journey to school is a little long, about 30-40 minutes each way.

What is the social aspect like?

The staff are pleasant and I have been made to feel very welcome. Starting midyear (January) can be a bit of challenge socially; as there doesn't seem to be much of a social aspect to the job. However, as I started by myself (midyear) I think that may have made it more difficult.

Luckily a friend of mine from home is working in a hospital in Riyadh so I had a social connection through her and I have been kept busy that way.

What’s living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia like?

Living in Riyadh now is really interesting; the country is undergoing many changes and working towards modernising, liberalising and diversifying Saudi Arabia.

I can travel around freely, Ubers are safe and readily available. I do not need to wear special clothes in public provided I am covered up with long trousers and long sleeves.

Communication is easy as many people speak English. Cinemas, concerts and theatre are now an option for people. There are more things available to do here than ever before and more freedoms to live a more independent and westernised lifestyle.

How is your accommodation and salary package?

My salary package is good and there is good opportunity to save. 

I have been told that our school's medical insurance is very good so that's definitely a positive!

I live in a compound; it seems to be the best in Riyadh! There are many facilities available inside my compound including; swimming pools, gym, beauty salon and hairdressers, restaurant, cafes, launderette, mini-market and many shared outdoor spaces. In the compound you can also dress and behave as you would at home. However, my apartment is small for long term accommodation.

How different is teaching in Saudi compared to your home country?

It is pretty similar, having worked in different countries I find children are pretty much the same everywhere. The schools will always be a little different but the main teaching interaction with the children is pretty similar in most places in my opinion.

How helpful were TIC during the process?

They were informative and timely in answering questions related to the position. Thank you!

Would you like to teach in Saudi Arabia? We currently have a number of vacancies available. These include:

• KS2 Teachers
• Head of Mathematics (KS2-4)

For further information or to apply please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (SENCO and Maths) and .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (KS2).

TIC helped Georgina find her job and be selected for her teaching position at MISK School in Riyadh. If you are interested in teaching internationally, register with TIC here for free. It’s quick and easy and gives you access to many international school jobs in reputable, accredited international schools, some that are not advertised anywhere else.

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Wendy Hartrey