TIC Weekly Blog - 12th October 2012

Published on 12th October, 2012 by Owen Richards. Published in TIC News

Welcome to the TIC weekly blog! This week we’ve been interviewing teachers and spreading their stories across the world!

From Doncaster to the Netherlands in 10 days!

Over the past week, we have continued to interview the teachers recently placed in international schools through TIC. These interviews are very important as they tell us how teachers’ placements are going, give us great new advice for other teachers and provide feedback on TIC’s services. This helps us to be able to provide the best possible advice and placements for our teachers! 

Our most recent interview has been with Ian Wigley. Ian is a primary teacher who last month made the move from Doncaster to teach in the European School of the Hague, Netherlands. He has been telling us about how quickly things have changed since his first contact with TIC.

“I have been a teacher for 11 years, working with primary children and children with special educational needs,” Ian says. “However, despite my experience, the current situation in education made it almost impossible to find a permanent contract! I applied for over 90 jobs, only three of which I even got an interview for. I had to resort to supply work, which sometimes meant I could go up to 5 days without pay.

“I’d always been interested in international education, so when I found Teachers International Consultancy I thought I’d give it a try. Within 10 days of first contact, I’d been found a vacancy, had an interview and been offered the job! My recruitment consultant Amy worked incredibly hard to find me a placement and helped me through every step of the process. My career is now moving forward and I have money in the bank. I have a lot to thank TIC for!”

A full case study on Ian’s experience will be available in the Case Studies section of the TIC website later this month. If you would like to speak to Teachers International Consultancy about your international teaching experiences, or would like to give feedback on any of our services, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

TIC Teachers’ Case Studies Raise International Education Awareness

As well as improving our services, collecting case studies from teachers allows us to raise awareness about international schools. Before Ian Wigley found TIC, he was just one of the many teachers finding it difficult to secure a permanent contract with a school. Case studies give a perfect insight into the professional and personal benefits that teaching internationally can offer.

Our case studies have been featured in the press several times in the past month, allowing us to tell the fascinating stories of our teachers and to explain the benefits of international education. We’d like to thank all of the teachers who took their time to talk to us!

Primary Teacher Update magazine featured a three page article on teaching overseas which covers the various benefits of the job. The article has advice from several teachers placed by TIC as well as TIC Director Andrew Wigford. A big thank you to Hannah Brunton, Nicole Brand, Michael Wainwright and Janice Ireland for their help and photos!

Another teacher who has benefitted from international education is Gerry Young, who has been featured on the EuroGraduate website and the International Schools Community website. Two years ago, Gerry swapped the Scottish rain for the Mauritius sun and has since moved to Harrow International School in Bangkok! His experiences show the possibilities that international education holds for skilled teachers.

Finally, Jane Smith has been featured in an article on the International Education Malaysia website. Jane found her placement at Epsom College in Malaysia with TIC’s help. She is taking part in the school’s preparations for its opening in 2013 and in the article she explains the benefits of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

To read all of these articles and others that TIC has been featured in, head over to our Publicity page.

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Owen Richards

Owen works in media relations and marketing. His main focus is working with the press on features about teachers who have moved overseas to teach internationally.