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Published on 25th October, 2013 by Owen Richards. Published in For Candidates / TIC News / TIC Social

Hello and welcome to another TIC Blog! We hope you have all settled well into the new academic year.

Andrew and Gemma travel to Doha

This week, TIC Director Andrew Wigford and Recruitment Manager Gemma McSweeney travelled to Doha, Qatar to visit schools and TIC teachers. The tour started on Monday at the Qatar International School (pictured), where they were incredibly impressed by the fantastic site and skilled and friendly staff. On Tuesday, Andrew and Gemma visited Al Khor International School, a popular school with TIC teachers! Andrew said with such impressive facilities and learning-focused leadership support, he could see why it's so popular. This visit was followed by Andrew’s favourite pastime, golf! He met up with local international school Heads for a quick round; he says it was strictly business but we have our doubts…

Last night, Andrew and Gemma were joined by TIC's new Middle East Recruitment Consultant Hailey Fazekas to host our first Doha seminar. This was a fantastic way to meet up with the teachers that we have placed in the area and find out how things are going. Hailey will be hosting seminars for TIC in the Middle East throughout the year, so keep an eye out in the News section for upcoming announcements. If you would like to keep up to date with Andrew’s travels, you can follow his Twitter account @AndrewTIC. His next stop will be Malaysia!

Time to start job hunting!

It may feel like the school year has only just started, but it’s already the time when schools will be preparing to announce vacancies for the 2014-15 academic year! Now is the perfect time to make sure your CV is up-to-date and start considering where you would like to go next. Our Vacancies section is constantly updating and over the next few months there will be a flood of new positions available.

Why not check out some of our newsletters from the past year in the Blog section to get some helpful insight into a range of countries and schools. They also have good advice about applying to international schools. Also check out our Case Studies section, where there are very informative first-hand accounts from teachers in international schools. It’s a helpful way to find out more about working in a certain country!

Good luck job hunting and we look forward to helping you find that dream position!

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Owen Richards

Owen works in media relations and marketing. His main focus is working with the press on features about teachers who have moved overseas to teach internationally.