7.3 Aftershock Earthquake Hits Nepal

Published on 13th May, 2015 by Andrew Wigford. Published in For Candidates / TIC News / TIC Social

The British School Kathmandu is raising funds to support thousands of local children whose homes and schools have been destroyed by the recent earthquakes in Nepal. Please visit the GoFundMe page to donate to their cause.

A Message from Chris Phillips - The British School Kathmandu

Yesterday a category 7.3 earthquake occurred Northeast of Kathmandu towards the Everest region. Although smaller than the first earthquake over 2 weeks ago, it was still large by international standards. We have received many aftershocks since then ranging in the 4-5 category.

It happened during a normal school day here at TBS. We followed procedures and all the children remembered their training well by getting under tables in classrooms and then walking out into our safe spaces with their teachers. We were all very impressed by the way the students and staff reacted in such a safe and calm manner. Everyone was accounted for and everyone at the school is safe and well.

Secondary students have exams coming up so they still managed to find time to do their revision on the field after the drill.

We have reopened today as normal but with some flexibility so as to allow students to have space to express themselves and talk about their experiences.

We are extremely fortunate. Many communities in the rest of the country that were already facing difficulties now have more challenges ahead. We are currently getting in touch with our partner projects to see how they have been affected by the latest earthquakes and how we can support them in the immediate future. Our medium and long term plans remain the same - to help our partner projects set up their schools so that we can do our bit to make sure that the estimated 1 million children in Nepal who are currently not receiving an education can return to safe schools as quickly as possible.

We once again thank you all for the support you are giving us here at the school and also for your donations that will be essential to supporting our partner projects in the long term.

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