Why more teachers are moving overseas than ever before

Adam Mashester explains why he is one of a growing number of teachers making the move

Adam Masheter is a Science teacher from Preston. After teaching in a central London school for several years, he decided to make the jump and accepted a job at Edron Academy, a British international school in Mexico City. He's now Head of Science at the school which teaches children aged from 2-18, working towards IGCE and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Here's why Adam has joined the growing number of teachers moving abroad to work in international schools:

"I knew I wanted to live overseas, working in a less pressured environment. So I chose to make the break, for a better quality of life. Moving to Mexico and teaching at Edron Academy gave me that opportunity.

Teaching life here is so different

"I had no expectations but as it happened, the children were ever so lovely and easy. The job comes with a lot of teaching freedom! The workload is easier and I'm not bringing work home in the same way I was in London.

"The mornings are cooler and in contrast the afternoons can be very hot. That means we have an earlier start and finish the day at 2.30pm.

And life outside the school is fanastic

"I am living in a private apartment with either other Edron teachers in the same building. We're near to the city centre and 30 minutes from the school. It's leafy, affluent and feels very cosmopolitan. There are lots of places to go out. We share taxis everywhere. The social life here is great.

"I've a lot of free time to enjoy the cafes and culture, spend time at the beach and have even been to the jungle! There's lots of choice. There's always something going on and people are always keen to go out together. You're never bored. I go home at Christmas and in the summer. I'm going to go back home via Columbia for 2 weeks. Flights are cheap!"

One of over 420,000

According to ISC Research, there are now over 420,000 teachers working in international schools across the world. Adam is one of the latest to join, and he suggests more teachers should try it!

"I would recommend teaching overseas," says Adam, "especially for those who are feelings stressed out or overworked. I have a two year contract here, and then I'll make a decision to go back to the UK, or try another country such as Asia.

Find you more about life at Edron Academy and how you can join on the school's profile page

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