What do teachers need during a job application process?

TIC surveys over 550 teachers about applying for international school jobs

The process of applying for a job can be stressful, nail-biting, frustrating - and fantastic when it all works out. You read an advert, do some research, think that it sounds perfect for you, get excited, update your CV, submit your application… and then wait. Sometimes you have to wait a long time not knowing what’s happening.

Sometimes you never hear a thing. Occasionally the process is well communicated so that, even if you don’t get the job, you at least know what’s going on. TIC recently asked our registered teachers what matters most when applying for a job at an international school. The results are in! 553 teachers responded. We hope these results will help international schools to know what people need during the job application process.

Teachers want clear, detailed information about the job

95% of the teachers who responded to the TIC survey said they want job vacancy adverts to be informative with clear details of the job. 93% also said they want a detailed information pack about the job and the school. Most want to know information about the job and all of its responsibilities, the salary package and benefits, and the cost of living in the country where the school is located. 97% want a clear explanation of the application procedure.

Communication is crucial

90% of all the teachers who responded to the survey said that good communication from the school is important to them during the entire application process. 92% said that poor and slow communication from a school is the most frustrating part of the job application process.

89% of teachers want to know whether or not they have been shortlisted. 86% would value constructive feedback if unsuccessful at the interview stage.

Shall we Skype?

90% of teachers are happy being interviewed via Skype for international school jobs. If you'd like advice about Skype interviews, read our blog about getting ready for your Skype interview here.

Why do teachers value recruitment agencies?

Many teachers are now using specialist recruitment agencies to help them get a job in an international school. In the survey, TIC asked teachers what they value from a good recruitment agency.

91% of the teachers who responded to the survey say they use recruitment agencies to find vacancies they might not otherwise see. 63% of teachers say they feel well represented to a range of potential schools when they work with a recruitment agency.

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