The Team

TIC HQ (United Kingdom office)


Andrew Wigford, Managing Director

Andrew has been involved in international education since 1989 as a teacher, HOD, HOY, Deputy Head, and Head teacher. I have worked as a Education Consultant, Board member  CIS Accreditation member and Director of the IPC. I founded TIC in 2006 to provide a personal, supportive recruitment service to teachers and schools – something I wish I’d been able to access when I was working at international schools.

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Angie Wigford, Director/ Educational Psychologist

Angie is an Educational Psychologist who runs her own company: International Educational Psychology Services Ltd. - has taught overseas in Nigeria, Kenya, South America and Europe. She works with us at conferences and seminars.

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Gemma McSweeney, Associate Director 

Gemma joined TIC in 2008. With over 15 years experience of recruitment and selection methods, she specialises in matching teachers and leaders with our international school partners. She has attended many international education conferences and has visited a number of international schools over the years. She uses this experience to best advise our teachers, leaders and schools and manage our team and UK operations.

Gemma is the specialist consultant for the following subjects:

  • Leadership
  • Humanities - History, Geography, Social Studies, PSHE
  • Science - Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  • Art and Design / D.T
  • House Master, Mistress, Boarding
  • Music

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Wendy Hartrey, Recruitment Consultant/ Finance Co-Ordinator

Wendy joined TIC in 2015 as an Office Administrator. She is now a Recruitment Consultant, working with candidates from registration to support them in their international job search. Wendy is also the Finance Co-Ordinator at TIC and is primarily responsible for dealing with our accounts and school invoicing.


Wendy is the specialist consultant for the following subjects:

  • Primary / Early Years
  • English
  • ICT / Computer Science / Computer Studies
  • Business / Economics
  • Drama / Theatre
  • Counsellor

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Leisha Jones, Recruitment Consultant / Marketing Assistant

Leisha became a member of the TIC team in 2016 as our Office Administrator. She is now a Trainee Recruitment Consultant, working with candidates to support them in their international job search. She also assists Anne (Media Relations and Content Manager) and with a background in design, creates our marketing campaigns and over sees our social media accounts.

Leisha is the specialist consultant for the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • SEN/ Learning Support
  • Psychology / Sociology
  • P.E
  • MFL
  • All other languages
  • EAL
  • Film Studies / Media Studies
  • Librarian

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Anne Keeling, Media Relations and Content Manager

Anne handles the media relations and content for TIC. She researches and writes the articles that appear in the press and on websites about how TIC is supporting teachers, leaders and the international schools. She writes the TIC blogs and newsletters and interviews teachers and leaders about their life in international schools, gathering advice and valuable feedback. She has spent over 25 years working in communications and media relations.

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